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Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce would like to record our thanks and appreciation for all those involved in the 2022 Sidmouth International
Jazz and Blues Festival, for putting on such a successful event.

The range of music available, much of which was free to the public, meant that everyone was able to discover and enjoy music of high quality
in various locations within our town centre.

We are therefore incredibly pleased that the organizers have indicated that they wish to repeat the festival next year.

All reports have been favourable, and compliments have flowed freely. There can be no doubt that the Jazz and Blues Festival brought a wonderful
atmosphere to the town, participation was healthy, and there was a clear and measurable boost to the local economy.

It was also very well administered, and we very much appreciate all the demanding work put in by Ian and his excellent team. We were particularly
pleased by their willingness to engage, listen to, and embrace community stakeholders like ourselves and Sidmouth Town Council.

Sidmouth is a lovely town and a popular holiday destination, but like so many coastal communities, we have been negatively impacted by Covid, and
the accompanying economic downturn.

We have faced a few headwinds in recent years, but the town has responded well, and we now have a number of events through the year, some of
which have been organized by the Chamber.

We think that festivals such as the Jazz and Blues event are crucial to sustaining our visitor economy and our town centre businesses.

So, we do hope that the Sidmouth International Jazz and Blues Festival will become a permanent feature of our town’s events calendar.

Indeed, we hope it can expand: Sidmouth and the Jazz and Blues Festival are a good partnership.

Sally Mynard - Chairman, Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce