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Dissenter Meeting House

Dissenter Meeting House

We offer a special welcome to those who are single, widowed, divorced, married, cohabiting, in a civil partnership, or in a "complicated" relationship.

If you are rich, poor, noisy or shy you are particularly welcome.

Uniquely welcome are toddlers, babies, dogs on strings, teenagers, the elderly, the old, the very old, the very very old, the middle-aged, children and young people, the childless, parents, grandparents and great grandparents, the unemployed, overworked, retired or lazy.

Pease join us for an exceptional afternoon concert on Sunday 5 June at 3.00pm with Britain's finest male and female jazz singers, Ian Shaw, and Liane Carroll. 

You will feel at home here if you are in recovery, addicted, or trying to give up, angry, disaffected or apathetic.

We offer a specific welcome to the homeless, refugees, immigrants, second home owners, and anyone who is precariously housed or from a gated community.

If your beliefs are Hindu, Sunni, Shia or Ahmaddiya Muslim, Zoroastrian, Jedi, Sikh, Tao, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Jain, Jew, Druid, Wicca, Bahai, Quaker, if you think that "God" is not the answer but may be the question, if you are not sure, if you don't care, or even if you're born again, you are accepted

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High Street
EX10 8ER

Tel: 01395 519292