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Indira Román & Ají Pa’Ti Cuban & Columbian Grooves
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Indira Román & Ají Pa’Ti Cuban & Columbian Grooves

Indira Román & Ají Pa’Ti is a stomping live set, of insistent riffs, pure groove and tropical melodies.

Indira Román, summons up spirits of amor, coaxing people in, then whipping the crowd into a climatic sway of lovers rock.

Fresh and hot, sweet and spicy, Ají Pa’Ti means “Chilli for you”.

The band has performed several times with great success at the Glasto Latino Tent at Glastonbury Festival.

Indira Román & Ají Pa’Ti provides a new tropical sound mixing elements of Cuban, Colombian and U.K music styles.

Along these years of playing and collaborating with amazing musicians, the sound of Indira Román & Ají Pa’Ti has been changing and adapting to their musical exploration and experiences, creating in this way a unique sound from the best of the three lands.